We need more than ever as believers to stand beside all of mankind with love.  All, not some, not the ones we choose to stand beside (Mathew 5:43-45). I believe that peace and rest come out of love. I have always enjoyed watching the movie Pay It Forward. What a great place this would be if we could become lie the little boy and truly be concerned about others (Mathew 19:13-14). I love the way the message Bible interprets these verses. Let’s leave our grownup religion and politics behind and be more concerned with love.

Love is one of the things Jesus talked about the most. Love the Lord, love your neighbor, love your enemies. Jesus, even when being persecuted, always loved. He said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do.  Even while being betrayed  He called Judas friend yet many of us are offended by some of the most trivial things others  do to us.

Love conquers all.  Love is the answer, not hate, not evil, not revenge. LOVE!

(Galatians 5:14-15)


Pastor Richard A. Wilkins