About Us

The vision that I had in late 2004 was that some how I needed to serve others as Jesus Christ came to this earth to be a servant not to be served. I prayed that He would give me a vision of how this was to be accomplished. Through prayer, fasting and learning to be quiet and listen to Him, I began to see all kinds of people helping one another, not out of pride or arrogance, but out of the true need to love your neighbor. To help one another in what ever way we could. Jesus Christ was, is and always will be concerned about helping someone in need.

At Awakening In Him Ministry our first goal is to Love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, our second is to go out and love our neighbors. Jesus has allowed us to go out and do roof repairs, siding repair, bath and kitchen remodels to families who may not of been able to afford these repairs.

He has Blessed us with a motorcycle outreach ministry which goes out and hands out Bibles, tracks, books filled with information on how to connect with with Him. He has given us the opportunity to go not only out in to our community here, but to other states and countries as well. It is our hearts desire to show the Love of Jesus Christ through simply putting our hands out in order to help someone else.

Also, we have been truly Blessed with a company that designs and builds custom motorcycles, Brouhard Designs. Carl and his wife Linda have helped us in not only our home repair ministry but have been the catalyst of our motorcycle outreach ministry. Through the building of the 2nd Coming bike, the Fourgiven bike, and the Unleashed bike (which is the Promise Keepers 2006 theme bike) we have been able to attend many of the large bike rallies in the country including Street Vibrations and the Laughlin River Run. These events allowed us to witness for Jesus Christ