August 2009 Newsletter

August 2009 Newsletter

Trust in the Lord, and do good.
Psalm 37:3
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This year began with a lot of people saying we are in a recession and we need to hold back giving. This is just not a good time economically. Unemployment is high and people are losing their homes. A lot of folks cannot afford the basics in life let alone find their way to give to ministries. The construction industry, (where many in the ministry work) is practically non-existent. But the need for help is great and greater than it has been in a long time. Yet we serve a God who is bigger than any recession and will meet the needs of those who are struggling. We, His church, just need to trust in the fact that all that we see is His and at any given moment He can pour out blessings. We just need to keep looking up and not straight out at the world.

We need as a church and as a country to put our trust back in God and quit trying to exclude Him from our public lives and make Him the center of our love. He is rich in His mercy and wonderful to provide. I know it seems hard to trust someone when it looks like everything around you is falling apart, but that is when we need Him the most. More importantly, maybe, just maybe, we should trust God all the time. Give Him a chance. Let Him show you what trusting God, our Father in Heaven, can do to change your life. Trust in that He gave His son, Jesus, as a Savior and a Holy Spirit to guide us through these times.
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We trusted in God and through out the past seven and a half months of 2009 He has given to so many. He has provided food, clothing, home repair materials, paint, lumber cleaning products, and the list goes on. In the earlier part of the year, with the help of Foothill Lions Club and Pizza Roundup, they raised enough money to send a team of carpenters to Benin City, Nigeria to build the roof structure on the Faithplex, a hospital. This roof is to an addition of the hospital where a maternity ward and neonatal unit will be housed. Life in Benin city is a daily struggle, but believe me, I saw the love of Jesus being poured out.

With God, we were able to put on roofs, install handicap ramps and handicap rails, fix plumbing problems and air conditioners all with faithful givers who refuse to stop helping. With the help of Pastor Jason at Capital Christian Center we have been blessed with a huge area to store truck loads of lumber, household goods, paint, clothes, and food.

In July, it was back to Wisconsin to put a roof on Naomi’s House, and watch a community where the unemployment rate is higher than almost anywhere in the nation, rally around people in need.

God is giving truckloads of all kinds of products to The Way Ministry and they are just loading up trailers and giving back to so many in need in the community. While handing out some cleaning products, one single mother of four said, “How did you guys know that I did not even have enough money to buy soap to wash my kids clothes so that they could go to school with clean clothes.” One of the young people helping responded, “We didn’t, God did.”

It is time to press in and help those in need. Give what you can to help those around you who are struggling and learn to love Him and trust Him. Thanks go out to so many – Brouhard Designs, Carl and Linda you are amazing. Matt and Colleen, your gift will touch many lives. God Bless.

In Him,



Jesus Christ came to this earth to be a servant not to be served.

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