February 2010 Newsletter

Thank you Jesus for 2009

As I look back on the year of 2009, I see a year full of families losing their jobs, homes and even their cars. All of us in the ministry were praying to God to help. We knew that unless God intervened that hope may be lost. God is always faithful and did provide in many ways.

In late November 2008, we got involved with the House of Mercy project in downtown Sacramento. The house is across the street from Mercy hospital and helps to house family members whose loved ones are receiving treatment at the hospital. The House of Mercy is operated by the Sisters of Mercy nuns. When the project was started the Sisters of Mercy did not have enough to complete the renovation. As a matter of fact they had only about a third of what was needed. Many wonderful people came on board to get the project completed. Go to www.supportmercyfoundation.org to see more about this project.

By February 2009, I felt God telling me not to give up on the biker rallies. It was a ministry so many of us enjoyed with the added benefit of being around some of the most awesome motorcycles in the world. It also gave me the opportunity to hang around with Carl Brouhard who is one of the best custom motorcycle builders around. We were able to bring the light of Jesus to a place so desperate for hope. We handed out hundreds of bibles and let the kids sit on the motorcycles. We went to the Easy Rider show as well as Street Vibrations.

At Street Vibrations we met the Berg family. God is going to release some powerful things through the ministry of this family who lost their son, Cody, due to a heart attack at the young age of 14. The Bergs are healing thanks to Jesus, but they also have a message that Cody left behind – Live Your Purpose/Change Your World.

Throughout the year we were able to help many individuals with home repair. We replaced roofs, fixed plumbing, installed handicap ramps and rails, replaced hot water heaters, and helped a family with rent assistance. We received many donations to help us accomplish this task. Not only did we receive financial donations, but we also received cabinets, paint, clothing, appliances, furniture, lumber and numerous other items. We had one woman referred by the Roseville Fellowship Chamber. This is a great organization which includes members from numerous businesses coming together to help local ministries, families and other businesses. Check them out at www.fellowshipchamber.com.

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One outreach led us to a local neighborhood where we went to distribute cleaning supplies and other goods. A woman approached me and said she had enough money for school clothes and supplies for her children, but when she got home she realized she did not have enough money for cleaning supplies. She said, “How did you know what I needed?” One of the volunteers, Bobby relied, “Miss, we didn’t, but God did.”

We were able to complete the project for Stephanie Martinez; the young woman who was injured at school and suffered tremendous brain injury. The 800 square foot addition was topped off by an awesome mural painted on the walls and ceiling by Dan Mathews. The pictures do not do it justice. There were many people who helped in accomplishing this goal and we could not have done it without them.

This year we have been able to help several churches. We were able to send the final funds to Pastor Ramon at Unity Ministry to help finish the Center of Hope Church in Tijuana, Mexico. We also started work at New Hope Church in Galt. We have been able to provide some new roofing, paint and some remodel work. We are still in the process of helping to fix this church building.

There are three other community projects we became involved with that need mentioning. First, we had a chance to partner with Pastor Jason Harper who has partnered with Oakridge Elementary School for several years. Jason’s personal dentist, Dr. John Birch, is going to provide dental work to some of the students at Oakridge Elementary school who have no insurance. We were able to help Dr. Birch remodel his new office space and allow him to begin to help these children. We removed old carpet, installed new flooring, moved walls, and installed new cabinetry. Dr. Birch’s office is now open and serving children. What a blessing he is!

Second, we became involved with was partnering with The Way Ministry. In December, we set up in Discovery Park and handed out clothes, blankets and food. There was music and ministry for those in need. The love of Jesus was shared with approximately 450 people.

Third, we were able to once again partner with the School of Urban Missions, (SUM) in Oakland to provide Christmas trees, bicycles, and toys for many people in the community.

I know for a lot of families this was a year of trials. But it is amazing when we have a little faith in what God can do if we let him lead not only our families but our ministries, and our businesses. Our barns will overflow with His provisions if we give Him the glory. So even though our bank account is close to empty, we know we serve a God who has always provided for those in need.

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to serve you and your people. In 2010 we challenge you to Live Your Purpose/Change Your World.

In Him,


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