Progress Report

Here are some of the progress reports from the home repair outreach ministries and other mission outreaches.

1. Currently we are raising funds for coats, shoes and blankets for 70 families at our Brechas del Mirador center.  Pastor Frank  and Detra feed these families each day and we pray that you will partner with us for the upcoming December outreach.

2. Cindy, Heather and Lizzie Shaw are doing well in their newly remodeled home.  The renovation was completed in March of 2013. Although a lot has happened in their family with the loss of John Shaw, father and husband, these three women continue to hold on to their faith and hope in Christ. Please join together with us in prayer for this family as they move forward.

3. Maria is an 85 year old woman who had major water issues in her home from the storms last January.  We were able to help with the mold remediation and remodel of her laundry room, hallway and portion of her family room. We are currently gathering materials and seeking volunteers to help re-side and paint portions of her home.

4. Lily is an elderly woman whose mobile home burnt down.  She is currently in an 8 foot camping trailer on the property.  With the help of Recology in Marysville and a local contractor we were able to raise enough funds to clean the property up and rid it of the debris. She is in desperate need of a mobile home to live in before winter comes.